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Processing Alpaca Fiber & Spinning Alpaca Yarn in Pennsylvania

From Shearing Day to Yarn

Processing Alpaca Fiber

Processing Alpaca Fiber

Fiber Processing

 Learn how to process a fleece. The class is a hands on, participants will learn what to look for in a good fleece, how to skirt, wash, & clean a fleece.

Drop Spindle Spinning

In 2 sessions students will learn the ancient method of spinning, using a drop spindle. The first session will be learning how to card, comb alpaca fibers in preparation to spin. Students will begin to use the spindles to make singles.

In the 2nd session students will learn how to ply & finish hand spun yarn. As well as more time to spin.

 Immersion Dyeing              of raw fiber

Students will learn how to use acid dyes & several dyeing techniques to use on alpaca fiber before spinning. A hands on class.

  Painting Roving

Students will learn how to paint alpaca roving to create that one of kind hand spun yarn. A hands on class. The different methods shown will create different looks in the spun yarn.
  Immersion Dyed Yarn

This class is designed for knitters who are not interested in hand spinning but love the look of hand dyed yarn. There will be several techniques shown to create that one of kind yarn. A hands on class.
    Painted Yarn

Another method of creating wonderful, one of a kind yarn for knitting. Several methods will be taught to create different patterns to change the look of your knitted item.

A hands on class.             

Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch
              580 Basehoar Rd.                                           
               Littlestown, PA 

                  Phone: 717-359-9989 





Updated April 09, 2018