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Create a Group Class

Here's something to do with your group …

Create a Group Class

Here's something to do with your group …


We offer many classes, as some of you have seen come and go.

  You say, "Oh!, that would be fun but I can't make that date”.

Or you say,

   “Oh darn! I meant to register, now I’ve missed it.”

We now are offering all our classes listed below to your group.

Here is how it works,

  1. Choose a group of at least 3 - 6 people.
  2. Choose a class that interests your group.
  3. Get your group to select a few dates that work for everyone.
  4. Set up a class date

Call Julie at Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch 717-359-9989

or email

    Please allow at least 2-3 weeks before your 1st date option so we can plan accordingly and gather up materials.

Here are some successful classes we have offered in the past….

Alpaca Fiber Processing

 Learn to Skirt, Wash and Clean

Cost: $40.00

Time: 2 hours

In this 2 hour session students will learn how to process a fleece. The class is a hands on class, participants will learn what to look for in a good fleece, how to skirt, wash, & clean a fleece.


Fat not Flat

Needle Felting Critters

Cost: $35

Instructor: Debra Tily

Time: 2 ½ hour class

Why fat not flat.

In past classes, we have been using cookie cutters to get our designs started.

In this class you will needle alpaca fiber to form a ball to make a 3-D shape. Needling all the while making your shape firm. Once your form is made you are ready to make your owl, or a frog or maybe you'd like to make a penguin.  

Our instructor Debra Tily will introduce you to techniques to bring your shape alive resulting in a cute little animal.


Soft Sculpture

Needle Felt

Cost: $35.00

Instructor: Debra Tily

Time: 3 hour class

Includes hands-on instruction and all materials.

You will learn how to needle felt an alpaca fiber 3D soft sculpture  

We supply the fiber and the tools, you supply the enthusiasm.


 Cookie Cutter Design Needle Felting

It’s like painting... only it’s alpaca Fiber

Cost: $15.00

Time: 1 & 1/2 hours class

You will learn and make an alpaca fiber cookie cutter design.

We are offering a selection of many different shaped cookie cutters

for you to choose from or you can bring your own.  

After the cookie cutter design is created

then you can choose to

make it an ornament, by adding string enabling you to hang it. If you choose you could make it

a piece of wearable art by adding a

pin back.


 Personalized Emoji Dryer balls

One of a kind alpaca dryer ball

Cost: $20

Instructor: Debra Tily

Time: 2 hours

Dryer Balls have become a hit for all the reasons you may have heard about already...

How about making a personalized dryer ball for that special person, hostess, or yourself. What fun to go to the dryer and have a special surprise every time.


Embellish  Mittens

Needle Felt Decorations on Mittens

Cost: $45 includes alpaca mitten

Instructor: Debra Tily

Time: 2 ½ hours

This is a needle felting class. Taught by our needle felting specialist, Debra Tily. She is sure to inspire you beyond what you thought yourself possible.

Starting with a cookie cutter for design you will needle alpaca fiber into the design you select for your mittens. Once your design is partially finished you will place it on the mittens to complete the transition from plain mittens to a work of art. This will make a great gift for someone special or for yourself.

Mittens are available in Small, medium, and large. Please select your size at registration.

Updated December 16, 2017