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New Mom and daughter Package

Valerie our newest cria...

 Valerie and Mom - Isabella Package

   Here is your chance to have a new cria on the ground. You get to watch her grow. You get to train her, take her to shows, and just plain love her from the start. To purchase Valerie alone you would have to wait until Oct or Nov 2018, that is  when she will be weaned from her mom. By purchasing the 2 together you get to take Valerie home at your earliest convenience and you get her mom, who is  a fantastically calm mother, plenty of milk and has protective insigns.

  Valerie is so soft, she is showing signs of density like her herdsire father “Billy”. Her conformation is excellent, amazingly straight legs.  Birthing was easy. We saw her from the house, she was standing up and had already nursed and was nestled up to mom. We hurried down to the barn to get her dried off and collect her weight and temperature. You see, spring didn’t want to come this year, so Valerie had to be tough as there was 3 inches on snow still on the ground. Her Temperature was 100.4 degrees, excellent for a new cria and  her birthday weight was 17.3# also an excellent weight for a cria.

  Valerie’s mom is named  “Isabella Boyd”, she had no problems giving birth as this was not her first time. Isabella had 2 boys ~ Early and Ulysses ~ and 1 female ~ Haley. All are wonderful fiber animals. They have a boat load of wonder  dense, soft and crimpy fiber. No reason to believe that Valerie will be any different.

Isabella is 10 years old and still has lots of breeding life in her. We plan to breed her when the time is right. If you purchase this package soon you could,  decide who the herdsire will be, choose from all the breeding males on the ranch. That makes this one sweet package which could include 3 alpacas. Those 3 will be Valerie, Isabella, and the unborn cria which will be born next year on your farm.

  Along with this package you are enrolled in one FREE Ownership class, registration at your convenience. Complimentary board for 30 days after completion of the package sale, Agistment of $2.50 per day thereafter until pick up. Isabella comes with a breeding while this package is available, along with a 15 day live birth guarantee.

  Come by and but your hands on Valerie, 3 weeks old as of today, writing this text. Don’t wait as Mom will be bred in May and Valerie is only getting older.


Updated April 13, 2018