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It's that time of year when...

Shearing Day is near.

It's that time of year when harvest time is near...
Just another day at Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch. 
Eating grass, growing fiber being peaceful and content.
Until it's shearing day, that's when all the alpacas are scheduled for their hair cuts for a style more suited for summer heat.
Alpacas are brought into 
the cleaning area.
They patiently wait for their turn for a hair cut. 
Then it is their turn to be shorn. 
After shearing they are released back into their fields
Please  volunteering 
Help the shearer...
pull the fiber back away from the alpaca, get it into the storage.
Alpaca Handlers
wrangle, walk, hold, and release alpacas and they move through the shearing possess. 

Fiber Sorting
put like fibers together 

Please  volunteer
it's so much fun. 

Updated April 15, 2018