Handmade – Rug Alpaca Core Spun Rug Yarn


So soft your bare feet will love it

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Imagine waking up and getting out of bed. Your feet land on a soft alpaca rug.
Or how about placing this soft alpaca rug just outside your shower. Your bare feet will be so happy, not to mention your eyes. The colors in this rug are beautiful.
This rug could be the center piece on your dining room table, or maybe a focal point on your wall.
It also makes a wonderful gift to someone moving to a new home.
One thing for sure is that this rug could become an heirloom.

Product Specs

  • Hand made from a floor loom in Julie’s Alpaca Studio by Julie Wysong
  • 23 x 24 inch mat
  • Soft alpaca core spun rug yarn
  • Alpaca fiber from alpacas raised at Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch, Littlestown, PA
  • Dyed and processed into rug yarn bumps at 84 Alpacas Fiber Mill

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23 x 24 inches


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