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Raw Black Fleece from alpaca named Wolfman


Black huacaya raw alpaca prime coat  


Wolfman- ARI# 32599701   D.O.B. 9/30/2015  (5 yrs)

May 2020  fleece –  2.07#wt    

Price: $78 for 2lbs 7 oz full fleece lightly skirted

Wolfman has produced a beautiful True Black Huacaya Fleece, shorn May 2020. For some reason the photo looks grey. It has some dark grey, perhaps from dust, but once washed it will be a beautiful black fleece. 

Grade 3, micron of 25.1, buttery soft handle. Would make a luxuriously soft sweater that should be worn next to your skin, comfortably. 

Slight micron variation throughout the blanket, lightly skirted, some vegetation and dust. Sound locks, no breakage. Minimal vm

Uniformity in length throughout the fleece. 

This fleece was lightly skirted.

 Shading of black and grey in some areas. Hard to really tell consistency of color until washed, dust causes the change in color. Otherwise solid deep black color. 

Loosely organized staple, slight variation from skin to tip throughout the fleece. Few guard hairs present. 

Wolfman has an average density, meaning an average resistance to compression, and lacks tightly-packed feel. Shiny and glossy.

This 2020 fleece is one of a kind.



Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in


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