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Looks what’s new.


Nickolas our traveler-

March 2024 – At  6 months of age Nickolas went to AOA National Alpaca Show in Indiana and brought home a first and third place ribbons. Nickolas was traveling with Asgard Acres Alpaca Farm. Now at seven months he  traveled on to Buckeye Alpaca Show in Ohio still with Asgard Acres Alpaca Farm. He won a 1st and 4th place.


Look What’s New!

In this  section, we will highlight alpacas, feature alpacas or products,  reduced price products on sale or alpacas, fiber, fleece,  new crias, handmade one of a kind products. Also included will be a clickable link that will take you  to  website, where you can read more or purchase.


Fluff Buster Sale – Fiber by the oz. 

Fiber by the Oz

Take a look, click on the link above.. Supplies are limited when its gone its gone.


Nickolas is at the show in Indiana. 



March 2024 is SCAT- Come Pick up a Load– Call for appointment to pick up your 2 for 1 sale. Tractor bucket load $16 for the first load and the second load is free.


QCAR Alpaca Gift Shop 

Shop hours:   Wednesday  – Saturday 10:00 – 3:00 or by appointment

Our Alpaca Gift Shop offers a range of handmade alpaca products and clothing, alpaca fibers in raw fleece, roving, yarn, needle felting supplies and kits and batting are available. Alpaca manure compost for your garden by the truckload or tea bags (for your house plants). We sell Poulin Alpaca Grain Feed , Dectomax, and halters for alpaca herd health.

Classes have been created and are on the website, we offer classes in fiber production and fiber arts. Take a look, I hope you can find a class with a time you can attend.

Tours our alpaca ranch with a knowledgeable guide, 
by appointment. $8.00 per person, discounts offered for larger groups.
    •  *The tours include alpaca education
    •               On the tour you will meet the alpacas and learn about handling and care,

* See our production room and all the magic that  happens to the alpaca fleece after it has been                   sheared off the alpacas.

*Finally visit the alpaca gift shop to see all the great products that can be produced using                            alpaca fiber. These items are for sale and make great gifts or memories of your visit to the                          alpaca ranch.

We breed alpacas for the best quality health and fiber.  Our alpacas are for sale.

Alpaca Ownership Class

Have you ever thought about owning alpacas? Want to know more about care and ownership of them? QCAR offers alpaca ownership education by a knowledge instructor, David Wysong has been caring for alpacas since 2004.  This 2 hour class is offered on Sunday 2-4. Must schedule.   You will find answers to all your question.  Please call to schedule 717-359-9989 or sign up online    This class is free to anyone that has purchases an alpaca from Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch.


Scat—-   Soil, Care, Alpaca Poop, Treatment

Available year round. Call to schedule a tractor bucket load, Saturdays 8-12.

EVENT—Pick up a Load

 March  2024 ~ 8:00AM – 12:00pm (noon)

Get your gardens ready.

Alpaca manure or SCAT, as we like to call it, (Soil, Care, Alpaca Poop, Treatment) is a fantastic assortment of nutrients for your garden plants.

During, our March SCAT event, a  one day giveaway event we are scooping up a load, ~a tractor loader full, that is,~ about 1/3 yards, to dump into your pick up truck. Buy one get the second load free.

Don’t have a pick up truck? Well some people have been very creative such as, trailers, trash cans, buckets or bags. We’ll dump it someplace and you shovel.

We will share the second scoop for free, that’s a $16.00 value. Additional loads are available during this one day event and throughout the year on Saturday mornings 8-noon, by appointment, for $16.00

Shearing Day—-

Alpaca Fleece Harvest Day

3rd Sunday in May   ~   2024 May 19th

All year long we offer, Alpaca fleece, fiber arts classes and a gift shop fill with products and apparel made with alpaca fiber.

Where does all that alpaca fiber come from?

The answer is: it comes from our alpacas, grown right here on the ranch.

Shearing day is harvest day at the alpaca ranch.  All the alpacas get their hair cut. We collect their fleece to supply the shop.

You are invited to watch or get your hands on the fun.

We have a viewing area where you can watch the shearer, Nathan Good, and helpers take the alpaca fleece from the alpaca.  Remember to visit the alpaca gift shop to take home a little alpaca of your own.