Events at QCAR

Events at QCAR

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2019 Schedule of Events

Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch

580 Basehoar Rd

Littlestown, PA 17340


Gift Shop—-

Visit our Alpaca Gift Shop

The gift shop at Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch is

always opened

Online ( or

by appointment 717-359-9989,

Shop in store

September – January ~~~ Fridays and Saturdays ~~~ 11:00 – 4:00

March-April -Gift Shop and SCAT collection open on Saturdays 8-12

Our gift shop offers a range of handmade products, alpaca fibers in raw fleece, roving, yarn and batting are available. Alpaca manure compost for your garden by the truckload or tea bags. We sell Poulin Alpaca Grain Feed , Dectomax, and halters for alpaca herd health.

Classes are being offered in fiber production and fiber arts.

Tours are also part of our shop, by appointment. $8.00 per person, groups of 8 or more 20% off. The tours include alpaca education by a knowledge alpaca owner. On the tour you will meet the alpacas and learn about handling and care, then you will see our production room and all the magic that  happens to the alpaca fiber after it has been sheared off the alpacas. Finally visit the alpaca gift shop to see all the great products that come from alpaca.

We breed alpacas for the best quality health and fiber.  Our alpacas are for sale.


Create your own group class or sign up for a scheduled class

Plan a group class

Invite 2-6 friends to come learn and make a project. Our instructor will make your event fun.  You will each take home a finished project.

Call or email for available dates and times.

Scheduled classes

Visit  “calendar/events” tab , then click classes & workshops for fiber art classes.

Alpaca Production

Come use the studio production room with guidance to process your fibers. Please call to schedule a time we can help you process your alpaca fibers. Free to those that purchased alpacas from us. A per hour fee will apply to others.

Alpaca Handling

Come get your hands on our cria. Cria training takes place April – November, with direct instruction,  learn how to desensitize the baby alpacas all the way to training to walk with a lead.

Must be able to follow direction. This has become a great service for us and therefore no charge to you.  Must  Schedule a convenient time.

Alpaca Ownership Classes

Have you ever thought about owning alpacas? Want to know more about care and ownership of them? QCAR offers education by a knowledge instructor. This 2 hour class is offered once per month, first Sunday April – November 1:00-3:00. You will find answers to all your question. Call or email for an available date and time.

Scat—-   Soil, Care, Alpaca Poop, Treatment

Pick up a Load event

3rd Saturday in March   ~   2019 March 16th

Get your gardens ready.

Alpaca manure or SCAT, as we like to call it, (Soil, Care, Alpaca Poop, Treatment) is a fantastic assortment of nutrients for your garden plants.

During this one day giveaway event we are scooping up a load, ~a tractor loader full, that is,~ about 1/3 yards, to dump into your pick up truck.

Don’t have a pick up truck? Well some people have been very creative such as, trailers, trash cans, buckets or bags. We’ll dump and you shovel.

We will share the first scoop for free, that’s a $16.00 value. Additional loads are available during this one day event and throughout the year on Saturday mornings 9-noon, by appointment, for $16.00

Shearing Day—-

Alpaca Fleece Harvest Day

3rd Sunday in May   ~   2019 May 19th

All year long we offer, Alpaca fleece, fiber arts classes and a gift shop fill with products and apparel made with alpaca fiber.

Where does all that alpaca fiber come from?

The answer is it comes from alpaca fleece.

Shearing day is harvest day at the alpaca ranch.  All the alpacas get their hair cut. We collect their fleece to supply the shop.

You are invited to watch or get your hands on the fun.

We have a viewing area where you can watch the shearer, Nathan Good, and helpers take the alpaca fleece from the alpaca. Or you can participate in helping to sort the shorn fleece.  Remember to visit the alpaca gift shop to take home a little alpaca of your own.

Alpaca Farm Days

Experience alpacas up-close; Feel the alpaca fleece; Tour the farm …

Last Saturday in September~2018 September 29

Alpaca Farm Days is a day on the alpaca farm, where we can present to you why we love alpacas. Here are some fun activities we hope you will enjoy…

Enjoy a fun-filled day for the entire family!

~Walk an Alpaca, feel its fleece and get your picture taken

~tour the alpacas, production room,

and alpaca gift shop

~Make and take activities

~Play “Sling the PacaPoop”

~4-H Fiber club fiber demonstrations

~ learn about raising and breeding alpacas

~Shop for alpaca products

~Food by A-1 Catering

~ Music by Paul Seipp,

~Make & Take activities

Alpacas for Sale Special Pricing