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Date: Saturday October 1, 2022 

Time: 10-3 

You are invited to participate 

Open Alpaca Ranch

Celebrate Alpaca Fiber to Finished Product 

It’s all about the fiber 


Saturday, October 1, 2022

10:00 – 3:00

 Come  join in the fun. 


Celebrate Alpaca Fiber to Finished Product 

We invite you to bring your fiber projects 

sit and knit, spin, weave, needle felt, crochet, 

whatever fiber craft project you are working on 

come on enjoy 

the grounds of Quarry Critters Alpacas, 

enjoy the views, enjoy the alpacas, and enjoy each other.  

Time Warp, 

a multiple sheep to shawl winner,  

will be demonstrating at

Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch 

on Saturday QCAR Is offering a one day only discount 

of 25% off everything with a price tag

This discount is applied to in-store purchases. 

One day only. 

Bring your project, chair and your lunch. 

See you Saturday.…/events-at-qcar/

(Not included in our 1 day sale: Kromski products or alpacas)



The Alpaca Learning Studio – 

We have fun and exciting alpaca fiber learning workshops. 

Check the website for classes and days.  

When you register and pay, on October 1 for any of the offered QCAR classes your tuition will be reduced by 25%. This discount is for 1 day only.  

Here are some of the classes coming up this fall: 

Fiber Processing Classes 

A beginners guide to alpaca fiber processing 

Fleece Characteristics And Skirting  – Fleece Characteristics And Skirting  – What to know to purchase an alpaca fleece and how to get started preparing for processing

Skirting and Tumbling 

Dyeing Alpaca Fibers – Dyeing Alpaca Fibers- Washing and soaking for dyeing 

Carding and blending – Carding and blending 

Tease, woolen, worsted, skirting, locks, carders, combs, drum carding hands on with demonstrations, rolags, roving, batts 

Spinning– Spinning- using a spinning wheel 

Bring your spinning wheel or borrow one of mine. Kromski Spinning wheels are available for purchase. If you purchase a spinning wheel from us your class fee is applied to the purchase cost.


Classes have been scheduled 

 Click the name of the class for more information and registration. 

Spring 2023 

Let’s Grow an Alpaca Scarf” Journey 1 Class is now open. The class will start March 4 on Saturdays 1-4. This class is an eight week semester class. Click on the link above and read all about it along with registration. 

2022 Fiber Collection for NEAFP

We recently opened our ranch as a fiber collection site for NEAFP. We got 

the word out and alpaca farms from our local area brought their shearing day alpaca clip. Some folks came as far away as 3 hours. Drop off weights varied from 20# to 350#. 

The total we collected was about 1542 lbs of alpaca fiber.

This past Thursday Sean, from NEAFP, drove 8 hours to pick it up.

   I had fun meeting so many alpaca folks. Together we saved on shipping.

Fingers crossed, we will be a collection site next year.

This project will get the fiber out of your barn or storage place and allows you to bank it with NEAFP so you can get some beautiful products to sell in your alpaca store or give as gifts.

Thanks to all for the huge success.

Pictures show the collection inside the garage to the truck.


cancelled Open Alpaca Ranch


It’s all about the fiber 

Saturday, October 1, 2022

10:00 – 3:00

 Come  join in the fun. 


Celebrate Alpaca Fiber to Finished Product

We invite you to bring your fiber projects 

sit and knit, spin, weave, needle felt, crochet, 

whatever fiber craft project you are working on 

come on enjoy 

the grounds of Quarry Critters Alpacas, 

enjoy the views, enjoy the alpacas, and enjoy each other.  

Time Warp, 

a multiple sheep to shawl winner,

will be demonstrating at

Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch 




Visit the Alpaca Gift Shop

 We are offering a one day 9/29 -10/1 10-3 only discount

of 25% off everything with a price tag

This discount is applied to in-store purchases. 

3 days only. 

(Not included in our 1 day sale: Kromski products or alpacas)

Living the Alpaca Lifestyle

Join David Wysong in the barn for an informative discussion about alpacas and living the Alpaca Lifestyle. We will have a round table discussion while sitting on hay bales and watching the alpacas. 

Sign up for 2 times, no cost, 11:00; or 1:30 

Cost: $0.00




Knitting in the alpaca field

We’ll have a canopy and picnic tables set up. Bring your knitting or crocheting, spinning wheel or loom. Set up in the field and the alpacas will be wandering all around. We have 3 cria that will be very curious about what you are doing. 

Bring your project, chair and your lunch. 

See you Saturday.…/events-at-qcar/




Hey are you loving the warmer weather, are you getting out in the garden?

Saturday, March 26th ~ 8:00AM – Noon
Come pick up a load of SCAT for your garden
This weekend only is buy one get one free

SCAT- Pick up a Load Weekend
Here we are at the beginning of spring. Are you loving this weather? Have you been out to your garden? Want some nutrient rich soil. We have been composting our alpaca manure for years and the outcome is black gold.!!! Your plants will love it and so will you.
This weekend, Saturday, March 26, 2022 from 8:00 AM to Noon, come pick up a load and get another load for free. SCAT is available every Saturday 8-noon by appointment. Cost $16 per load. This weekend is our kick off and everyone that comes this Saturday will receive a free load with your purchase of 1 load. You’ll also receive a 10% discount of your purchase in the alpaca gift shop, and Alpaca Learning Center with your deposit on a class.
It’s helpful to know you are coming. Click on the link at top of the page and choose from the drop down box. If you prefer to pay cash please drop an email to or call 717-359-9989 Still you are welcome to just drop by.
See you soon.
read more about SCAT

Our alpaca gift shop will be closed this Thursday and Friday, March 24 & 25, 2022.
Please call if you need to and someone will answer or return your call soon.

Please visit us on Wednesday, March 23 and Saturday, March 26 ~ 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM

Dates Closed in April
Friday, Saturday, April 8 & 9 shop closed, Please come to Westminster, Md. Ag Center and
watch the alpaca show. Our youngest alpacas, Finn and Harry, will be in front of a judge.
Hope they do well. We already know they are superb.

April 14, 15 & 16 Shop Closed. Please come visit us at the Farm show Complex in Harrisburg, PA . We will be competing in another Alpaca Show

The Alpaca Learning Studio at Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch is now offering Spinning Wheel Lessons so you can make your own yarn.
The next spinning wheel class starts on Friday, April 1, 2022, no fooling! This is a 3 week class. Lesson are on Friday, April 1, Friday, April 15, and Friday April 29.
Class meets at 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Cost: $70
Should you purchase a wheel during the class, than the price of the class is free.

I’m a Kromski Dealer. Yea!!
That means that Quarry Critters Alpaca Gift Shop now carries the whole Kromski line of Spinning Wheels and Looms. You can find the looms online, as well as in the shop. I’m still planning to put the spinning wheels online.
How is this going you ask? Well I’m having a blast! Yes, Kromski makes amazing products with excellent customer service.
People are finding QCAR and buying our Kromski products. Thanks to all of you that have purchased a wheel or a loom. To all others looking for a wheel or loom please come visit.

We are offering Alpaca Ownership classes for new or existing alpaca owners and/or breeder. David Wysong, is the instructor and has 18 years of experience with raising, breeding and handling alpacas. He will present an overview with time for you to ask your questions.
Classes are held on Sunday afternoons 2-4 next class April 3rd is full, consider signing up for Sunday, May 1st.

Congratulations to Allie and Eric on their new purchase of 2 white female alpacas. Sarah and Isabella will be joining their farm in New Oxford, PA.
I’m happy these girls will be going to a loving farm.

This is Harry of Quarry Critters. Born Aug 2021 and the picture taken 10/1/2021.

One Knitters Dream

 One Knitters Dream

I am so proud of Cortni,. She set out to knit a sweater to wear to Rhinebeck and meet the designer. 

There is so much more to this story. 

   Cortni was enrolled in QCAR class called “Let’s Grow an Alpaca Scarf”.
This beginner class lets you meet an alpaca and process it’s fleece from beginning to end. As it turns out Cortni was not a beginner but she admits learning a thing or two. During the process of the class she fell in love with the alpaca fleece and  found the pattern: Illuminate Sweater by Andrea Mowry, that she wanted to knit.


Every year Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch shears the alpacas. The prime coat from these alpacas gets lightly skirted and put on display for sale in the Alpaca Gift Shop. This is where Cortni found and bought Fleece. She bought  “Shooter’s” fleece (black) and “Man of Mystery’s”  fleece (grey) and began processing them. A known fact about alpaca fleece, it’s best to mix in about 20% merino to help hold the shape. 


So while carding the alpaca fleece Cortni and Sarah, her mother- in -law, (also in the class) had to calculate how to put 20% merino in the fleece. We determined that it would be best to add the merino to the raw alpaca prior to spinning. Once the merino was mixed in and carded, Cortni started spinning. After spinning and plying to make yarn, the knitting began. Knitting resulted in this beautiful sweater and her mission was completed. She was able to join the designer, Andrea Mowry, wearing her sweater, at Rhinebeck – Wool Festival in NY.          



I am so proud of Cortni for making a huge goal for herself and completing this huge project in such a timely manner. What an inspiration to us all. 

Written by Julie M Wysong



A Free knitting pattern created by Julie

QCAR Spiral Hat with Double-Thick Cuff 

Size: Women’s Med 

Materials: 3.5 oz, worsted weight, 100% alpaca PA yarn project white yarn, stitch markers 

Needle Size: US 6, circular 16 inch rounds, size US 8 needle circular 16 in rounds and dpn size US 7


CO – Cast on 

Kfb– knit into the front and back of the stitch 

K2tog – knit two together 

pm – place stitch marker 

Sts – stitches



Double cuff 

Using the provisional cast-on  and scrap yarn, CO 96 stitches. 

Row 1: using your hat yarn, knit across the round of CO stitches. 

Row 2: PM and join in the round working k2, p2 rib until the piece measures 3.5 inches.

Next: unzip the provisional CO to your second circular needle and fold the cuff in half. Knit one together from the front needle with one together from the back needle until all of the stitches are joined.  

Then remove the marker, knit one stitch and replace the marker, this will shift the marker one stitch to the left 

Increase round: *kfb, k3, repeat from * around. 

Next round: change to US 8 needles and knit 

Begin Spiral pattern: 

Round 1: *kfb, k7sts, k2tog, pm repeat from * around.

Round 2: knit 

Continue working pattern rounds 1 & 2 until the hat is 6.5 inches long from cast on edge. 


Round 1: *kfb, k6, k3tog, slip marker repeat from * around.

Round 2: Knit 

Round 3: *kfb, k5, k3tog, slip marker repeat from * around.

Round 4: knit 

Round 5: *kfb, k4, k3tog, slip marker repeat from * around.

Round 6: knit 

Round 7: *kfb, k3, k3tog, slip marker repeat from * around.

Round 8: knit 

Round 9: *kfb, k2, k3tog, slip marker repeat from * around.

Round 10: knit 

Round 11: *kfb, k1, k3tog, slip marker repeat from * around.

Now is a good time to switch to dpn US 7 

Round 12: knit 

Round 13: *kfb, k3tog, slip marker repeat from * around.

Round 14: knit 

Round 15: * k1, k2tog, slip marker repeat from * around.

Round 16: *k2tog, slip marker repeat from * around.

Round 17: k2tog (6 stitches left) 

Cut a 6 inch tail and pull through the last 6 sts on the needles. Weave in all ends. 

Created by Julie Wysong  QCAR Alpaca Gift Shop 

October brings some new additions

In this newsletter you can read about 


Rigid Heddle Loom

Sale – Called Loomtober

New QCAR Alpaca Gift Shop hours – starting 10/1 

Classes and more to come

Alpaca Package- 3 Alpacas and a trailer $2200 

Tis the season to close up your garden, 

          SCAT available to load some extra Black Gold nutrients on your garden 


QCAR Alpaca Gift Shop now 

selling spinning wheels, looms and accessories produced by Kromski.  

“Loomtober ” is here. 

Kromski is offering a FREE HEDDLE

 to fit each loom purchased during October

If you have been considering taking up weaving or what to add to your current collection of looms, then here is a deal for you. QCAR Alpaca Gift shop will sweeten the deal by including a skein of alpaca yarn, our choice. Now your Loom will come with everything you need to start weaving. 

New QCAR Alpaca Gift Shop hours – starting 10/1 


QCAR Alpaca Gift Shop —->

Starting October 1, 2021

new shop hours

Wednesdays & Thursdays 2-7

Fridays And Saturdays 10-3

Other times by chance or appointment.

Visit our website

Classes are listed on the website and you can register for them 


Alpaca Ownership Classes, fiber processing classes, and needle felting classes. 

Hope there is something we can share with you. 

Alpaca Package- 2 Alpacas and a trailer $2200 

Take home – 2 breeding black male alpacas  Plan on driving them home in a 1983 H&H 2 horse straight load red gooseneck trailer.

Local pickup only


Colors, Alpaca/ Merino 50/50 blend – The beginning


Shearing day brought in about 200 pounds of alpaca fleece. Fleece of all different grades. Some wonderful for hand spinners, some wonderful for the co-op and all the wonderful products NEAFP makes, some deposited to the PA yarn project and some for yarn made at mini mills. What to do with all this fiber? So many decisions to make. 

Well this year a thought came to me.  Needle felting would be a fun way for people to experience working with alpaca fibers. A simple needle felting sculpture would be fun to make with a friend or family member. And after making your sculpture you could give it as a gift  during the upcoming gift giving season. That makes it a win-win project. 

Alpaca, luxurious as it is, takes forever to needle to make a sculpture. I know that it has been mixed with merino wool. I know it’s not a new idea. 

Merino Wool comes from a sheep. The Merino wool is the lowest micron of sheep’s wool. It mixes very nicely with alpaca. The alpaca fibers continue to stay soft while the merino adds to the elasticity, and felting quality achieved from sheep’s wool.  

So it came to me, why not send my seconds, (seconds coming from the neck and belly of the alpaca), to the mill and mix it with merino wool for needle felting. A 50% alpaca 50% merino would allow the roving to be needle felted quickly, luss more fun to create a sculpture with fiber. And if I had it dyed at the mill I wouldn’t be dyeing roving, which could felt very easy. 

That is what I did. I sent 13 pounds of alpaca seconds to Grudy Run Woolen Mill with the request to mix it with 50% merino wool and dye each pound a different color. This is what came back. 

Wow! So many beautiful colors. So much fiber. I immediately put each color in a plastic 2 1/2 gallon bag. Found room on the shelves for storage and then proceeded to make needle felting sculptures, and  to make kits to sell in QCAR- Alpaca Gift Shop. These colors are just too amazing to keep for myself. 

So I made a starfish. Turns out it is a potholder. It came out much larger than I thought. I will remake a smaller one for a kit. I think the smaller starfish will be a fun Christmas tree ornament or a decoration during summer. I will try this again. 

And a Rabbit, holding a carrot, wearing blue trousers. I have made this into a kit and it’s on the website for sale. I’m thinking I’d like to offer it as a workshop but I’ve not quite gotten there yet. The fiber only arrived last Saturday, 1 week ago. I’ve been very busy playing.  

  After working with this alpaca/merino blend I’m considering spinning some for yarn. I love the feel and the colors of this 50/50 blend. 

Watch for more products on the website for those folks out of town. Local people please stop in and have a look around. Posted shop hours are Fridays and Saturdays 10- 3 but truthfully I’m here, take a chance and come on by.  (or call 717-359-9989)  Alpaca Gift Shop 580 Basehoar Rd.



Kromski Spinning Wheels, Looms and accessories

Kromski Spinning Wheels and Looms 

at Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch

I’m so proud to announce that Julie Wysong is a Kromski Dealer. Julie has been spinning and making yarn on her Kromski Sonata for the last 17 years and after teaching several alpaca processing classes, which included teaching spinning, she has made the the leap to selling spinning wheels, looms, niddy noddies, hand carders and other fiber related tools. 

As an entry announcement and among the first to help Julie’s dealership, QCAR is offering free 6 or 9 hour spinning classes, with your purchase of a Kromski spinning wheel from QCAR. Available are individual classes where you earn 6 hours of lessons or join a class with others and get 9 hours of lesson, included with your purchase of a Kromski Spinning Wheel. If you live outside the area, your Kromski product can be drop shipped to you and instead of free classes Julie will send an alpaca fleece. 

We recommend beginners start with the Sonata. 

Here’s why:

The Sonata is clearly the  top choice in the traveling wheel category!

This spinning wheel can be unpacked from the highly durable, heavily padded backpack (that is INCLUDED with purchase) and ready to spin at your next class or guild meeting in 3 minutes or less. When the Sonata is folded for transportation, the dimensions are a compact 22” tall, 19.5” wide and 7” deep. Carrying the Sonata is almost effortless because the wheel and bag combined weight is less than 16 pounds.

Made from beautiful, hand-picked European alder and birch woods, the exceptional value, style and function of this travel wheel make it a very popular choice amongst spinners everywhere.

These features combined with the options of adding a Jumbo Flyer kit make this a very  unique traveling wheel. Jumbo Flyer kits expand the spinners range in two ways. First, the type  of yarn created can vary from lace-weight to super bulky art yarn because of the larger orifice on  the jumbo flyer. Subsequently, the jumbo bobbin allows spinners double capacity of the regular Kromski bobbin from over 4 oz. up to half pound! This means longer, continual drafts for skeins with greater yardage.

The Kromski Sonata Includes :

  • 3 bobbins (120g/4.2oz capacity)
  • Spinning Wheel Oil
  • Threading Hook
  • Heavily Padded Backpack

We recommend the Sonata for beginners however we offer the whole line of Kromski products. Kromski offers 7 different spinning wheels in a choice of finishes along with accessories. We carry the table looms and needle felting kits along with the Polish Merino Wool. 

It might take  a while to get all the products up on the website but you can still order your wants by emailing Julie at  until you see it on the website. If you want to see all the Kromski products we carry you can view the Kromski website at this address: . 

August 4, 2021

Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch    Littlestown, PA 17340


March 2020 News


Come Pick up  a load.
What is SCAT DAY? 
It’s a day to start your spring garden. To help you Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch has been processing alpaca poop into wonder Soil, to Care for your plants, using Alpaca poop, creating superior soil Treatment. SCAT.
On March 28th, 8-noon we will be scooping up this wonderful rich soil and dumping a load into your pick up truck about 1/3 yard. You will take your first load home FREE along with 10% off your alpaca products from the gift shop.
Spread the SCAT over your garden and then garden as you would normally. You won’t believe the results.
Call or email ahead to reserve your load and we will double your free load to twice the amount. Read more…
We have created a mighty fine package of proven females. Click on the link above to see.
We are offering a Ownership class March 8, 2020. That is Sunday 2:00 – 4:00 Visit the alpacas and ask about purchasing them.
Here’s more fun stuff going on this month…
March 2020
Quarry Critters Alpaca Gift shop will now be openWednesdays – Saturdays at 11:00 to 4:00.
We will offer Ranch tours, by appointment or call ahead, on Saturdays $8.00 per person,
We will still open for by appointment. your shopping needs*** Important Announcement ****Shop will be closed Wednesday, March 11th***Fiber Arts EnthusiastWe invite those that would like to come sit and knit, crochet, spin, or do needle felting with other fiber lovers.
Every Thursday 2:30 – 4:30.Yarn Over KnittingFor those people that would like a group to knit later in the day we have a group once a month.
Check out our website calendar. We meet the second Thursday each month. Come when you can 4:30 – 7:00.
Yarn and knitting supplies are available.Shearing Day
May 17, 2020 all day
Looking for volunteers please sign up at

Farm Days
September 26, 2020 9:00 – 3:00
Looking for handmade vendors or Littlestown local small businesses, to sell or demonstrate their products.
Call 717-359-9989 if interested

Thanks for reading to the end.

News and Event Feb. 2020

February 2020 

Quarry Critters Alpaca Gift shop will now be open 

Wednesday – Saturdays at 11:00 to 4:00. 

We will offer Ranch tours, by appointment or call ahead,  on Saturdays $8.00 per person, 

  •  We will still open for your shopping needs by appointment. 


Fiber Arts Enthusiast  

  • We open the gift shop to those that would like to come sit and knit, crochet, spin, or do needle felting with other fiber lovers. 
  • Every Thursday 2:30 – 4:30 you are welcome to come join us. 


Yarn Over Knitting

For those people that would like a group to knit with but are unable to join the weekly group we offer a once a month time to come later in the day. 

  • Check out our website calendar. We meet the second Thursday each month. Come when you can 4:30 – 7:00. 
  • Yarn and knitting supplies are available. 
  • Let QCAR know if you would like to learn to knit. We can help you get started and help you until you are confident. 


Skirting Workshop 

  • When: February 12, 2020 – Time: 3:00 – 4:30 
  • Cost $15 

                           Once the fleece comes off the alpaca then what? 

  • We will skirt or clean up the alpaca blanket. 
  • We will grade the fiber based on the individual fibers, 
  • We will discuss the difference between 2nds and thirds. 
  • We will answer the question, “what to do with the alpaca fiber based on the grade. 
  • We will discuss how to separate your fibers on shearing day. 


Spinning Wheel Workshop 

  • When: February 20, 2020 Time: 11:00 – 1:00 
  • Cost $75.00 for 3 sessions 
  • Call QCAR 717-359-9989  to register. 
  • Then continue to come for the practice with friends
  • Bring your own wheel. 
  • You will learn to prepare the fiber (4 oz. included with class) and how to make yarn.


Alpaca Ownership Class

  • When: March 8, 2020 Time: 2:00 – 4:00
  • Cost $25, person, discount for multiple members 
  • introduction to Alpaca Ownership
  • Information that you’ll need to get started
  • Shelter for alpacas
  • How to keep your herd healthy
  • Field and barn set up
  • Feed
  • Pasture nutrition
  • Cost of alpacas
  • Breeding practices
  • Birthing
  • Tax advantages to owning alpacas


Featured Alpaca Package: Sweetheart Deal

These alpacas are being offered at 50% off the website price: 

Males  Regular Price  50% off price 


Lee  $3000 $1500 
Lawrence  $1500  $750 
Billy  $2000 $1000
Ironclad  $10,000 $5000


Females  Regular Price  50% off price 
Opal  $2500  $1250
Faith  $2000 $1000
Nutmeg  $2500  $1250 
Kate  $1500 $750 
Penny $1500 $750 

We are not keen on selling one alpaca but if you have 2 or more alpacas on your farm we will consider selling just one. All others must have at least 2 but 3 is recommended. 

This 50% sale is good throughout the month of February 2020. You’re lucky, it’s leap year, you get an extra day. 


Shearing Day 

May 17, 2020 all day 

Looking for volunteers please sign up at

Farm Days 

September 26,2020 9:00 – 3:00

Looking for handmade vendors  or Littlestown local small businesses, to sell or demonstrate their products. 

Call 717-359-9989 if interested