Let’s Grow an Alpaca Scarf


This class is full. If you are interested in signing up for a wait list please drop me an email: Juliesalpacas@gmail.com. Mention you would like to be in the “Let’s Grow an Alpaca Scarf” Class

April 16, 2022 – June 18, 2022 


A beginners guide to alpaca fiber processing

A journey from alpaca, fleece to scarf includes all the steps in between.

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A special class called “Let’s Grow a Scarf”

Here’s what we will do in this class. First class we will adopt an alpaca. That means you will visit with your alpaca at the beginning of each class. You can take pictures, ask questions, learn to halter and walk it. Then on the first session you will purchase some fiber from your adopted alpaca. You can purchase 8oz, 16oz, or the whole fleece. We will be making yarn and knitting your scarf. Sound like fun?

Here is more. The class starts April 16, 2022 runs through June 18, 2022.  We will meet each Saturday 1:00 – 4:00. We will have 8 session of instruction, one Saturday off, (May 14th, day before shearing day, May 15th you are invited)  The other days will be work on your project days with supervisions.  The class cost is $120, plus the price of the fleece you choose and supplies. Supplies you will need: hand carders, spinning wheel or drop spindle, kniddy knoddy. I will be making arrangements to help those that will need these supplies. Other supplies can be brought from home or purchased in class. Spinning wheels, hand carders and kniddy knoddies are available for sale at the shop.

The class size is very small only 4 participates so let me know if you have interest. First voice gets the first space.

We are going to meet the alpaca, buy it’s fleece, wash it, dry it, skirt it, tumble it, spin it into yarn, dye it, and finally knit it into a scarf that you can brag about.

So to get started enroll in the class. You can pay for the whole class now or make a non refundable deposit, (store credit) Call if you have any questions 717-359-9989, or email juliesalpacas@gmail.com.

I can’t wait to get started. How about you?


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Pay for Class

Cost for class $120, Deposit $40 non-refundable, store credit


  1. Jacqueline Wilson

    This class is well worth the money! Julie is a teacher who explains things in a way that all can understand, regardless of experience level. Each class built on the skills learned in the previous class resulting in a comprehensive course. It was fun, relaxing, and productive. For me, it was the perfect course that reviewed all the topics of interest to me. In addition, being with the alpaca and learning about them made the experience even better. Highly recommend this series of classes.

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