Yarn: Rug Yarn Dyed Light Purple

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Alpaca Core Spun Jumbo Rug Yarn


Alpaca core spun rug yarn can be used by weavers to make luxurious rugs. Great for beside the bed or bath. So soft.
This rug yarn can also be used on very large knitting needles or giant crochet hook.
Pets would enjoy sleeping on one of these alpaca core spun rug yarn rugs.
Because the outer layer is alpaca you could be experimental and try to felt this finished project. hummmm?

Check our website for other colors that are available.

Product Specs

  • 100% Alpaca wrapped over soft cotton core
  • Hand wash, cold water, lay flat to dry
  • Fibers from alpacas raised at QCAR
  • Made at Mini Fiber Mill
  • Colors dyed at the mill and vary
  • 1 lb of core spun rug rag weaves about 2 square feet
  • about 50 yards
  • about 1.11 lbs

Additional information


about 50 yards about 1.11 lbs


Light Purple


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