2023 White Huacaya alpaca fleece – Satin Doll


White, shiny, dense huacaya alpaca prime coat  



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Alpaca Name: Asgard-Acres Satin Doll

Cost per fleece: $165.00

Year shorn: 2023

Color of fleece:  White 

Prime coat, weight :  60 oz 

staple length: 5 inches 

Grade-  1 

  • Grade 1, Ultra fine (<20 ) (next to skin)

 Condition of fleece: dirty, has been lightly skirted 


Crimpy locks, bright white, shine,  very dense

Asking $2.75 per oz. plus shipping, no charge for pick up


Alpaca Grade and Usage

  • Grade 1, Ultra fine (<20 ) (next to skin)
  • Grade 2, Superfine (20-22.9) (next to skin)

              Grade 2 is used for gently used items such as shawls and baby items. 

  • Grade 3, Fine (23-25.9) (most versatile)

              Grade 3 is the most versatile, used for most any alpaca product you desire,

                and comfortable next to your skin. 

  • Grade 4, Medium (26-28.9) (outwear, socks, blankets)    

     Grade 4 is very versatile. You can make clothing that is comfortable next to your skin. You can weave, spin it, whatever your project.  

  • Grade 5, Intermediate (29-31.9) (outerwear, blankets)                                       

                 Grade 5 is good to use for batts, duvet, needle felting, rugs. 

  • Grade 6, Robust (>32) (rugs, needle felting, stuffing)

Additional information

Weight 6 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in

2023 Full fleece, reserve 2024 deposit, reserved 2025


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