George of Quarry Critters

Medium Fawn

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***This alpaca originally priced at $2,000 will be priced at $1000 or 3 for 20%off for a limited time. The reason is health related. We will be off our feet due to surgery for a period of time and need to lighten our load. Our issue is your gain. Now is the time to purchase a high quality, attentive, cooperative, and easy to work with with alpaca. Our alpacas receive daily hands on attention.

George is extremely dense in fiber with a soft handle. How could he be anything but with these genetics, his father is Peruvian Ace of Hearts boasting the bloodlines of Durango, Mr. President, Guellermo and Vengador. That’s just from his fathers side. What mom has to offer is Peruvian Macusani and Sukee Von Tr fiber ribbon winners as well. This boy has it from both sides of the family tree.

But wait there’s more. George has a micron count of 21.5 with only 5.2% of his fibers greater than 30. Now that’s soft, soft enough to wear the fiber next to your skin and feel not a scratch. This guy is medium fawn in color, soft dense and even has a long fiber length. What more could you ask for…. yes he is being offered for stud and he is for sale. You could make him your own herdsire and mix these genetics, with some of those fantastic genetics on your farm.

Put your hands in his fiber and see for yourself how dense he is. Good luck finding his skin, yes he is that dense.


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