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Quarry Critters Sheri


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Garrison & Emma

Status: Unproven
Date of Birth: 10/28/2017
Color: Dark Brown
Blanket: Solid Blanket
Sire: QCAR Garrison | Medium Brown
Dam: Emma Edmonds of Quarry Critters | ARI# 31968850 | True Black

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Sheri’s fiber is shiny, soft, dark brown. When processed to yarn, it would make an excellent baby garment or product to wear close to your skin.

Sheri has an AOA Certificate and has been tested for BVDB and the result was “not detected”.  Sheri to received a microchip. All this means is that Sheri will be ready to be registered in an AOA show, should you decide to show her. Sheri is a registered alpaca as are her sire and dam.

Sheri has been weened from her mom and is old enough to be on her own. Still young enough for her to imprint to you and your ways. We are selling Sheri on her own or in a package. QCAR policies require you own at least 2 alpacas to purchase only one alpaca from our ranch. Alpacas are herd animals and really must be around other alpacas. A very small herd of 3 is acceptable.

FYI: Sheri’s name is shortened from Sheridan. Philip Henry Sheridan was an Army officer and a Union general in the American Civil War.


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Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch

Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch