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Yarn:Fingering Weight Old Gold alpaca yarn


Alpaca fingering weight dyed old gold yarn

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100%  Alpaca yarn  from an alpaca named Abigail raised in PA, USA

This fingering weight skein is about 200 yards,

Dyed and milled at an Alpaca Fiber Mill, PA

3 ply

Supper fluffy and soft

US Needle size 1-3

Alpaca will felt, so be sure that you wash your finished project in cold water no dryer, unless of course felting is your plan. Lay flat to dry to avoid shrinkage.


Product Specs

  • 100% Alpaca
  • Dyed and milled at an Alpaca Fiber Mill, PA
  • fingering weight
  • 3 ply
  • 200 yards skein
  • Dyed Old Gold
  • Hand wash in cold water only with gentle soap (Dawn preferred)
  • Alpaca Fiber grown on alpacas living at Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch,  PA.
  • Alpaca named Abigail
  • PA Preferred Product

Additional information

Weight 1 lbs
Dimensions 18 × 5 × 4 in

150 yards, 3 ply


Amethyest & Deep Purple


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Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch

Quarry Critters Alpaca Ranch