Quarry Critters’ Keckley

Great Mom with plenty of milk

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***This alpaca originally priced at $3,500 will be priced at $1750 or 3 for 20% off for a limited time. The reason is health related. We will be off our feet due to surgery for a period of time and need to lighten our load. Our issue is your gain. Now is the time to purchase a high quality, attentive, cooperative, and easy to work with with alpaca. Our alpacas receive daily hands on attention.

This is your chance to take home a quality female with the bloodline to move your breeding program up a noche.

Keckley has a beautiful shine to her soft coat. Her color is mostly light brown with a small hint of black on her ears and legs. Her belly is off white in color as is the inside of her legs. She has personality and a mind of her own. She is gentle and touchable. Keckley has given birth a couple of very crimpy fibered offsprings. She is easy to rebreed. She produces healthy crias easily and with plenty of milk.

Read our blog about Keckley and how she got her name…

Keckley will be sold as a bred female. (That’s 2 alpacas) then she comes with a rebreeding for next year (that makes 3 alpacas) Thus making the deal 3 alpacas for 1 price. This is a very outstanding deal. Schedule your ranch visit and take a look at Keckley.


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