Felting Needles- Variety Pack


Variety Pack

Needle Felting Needles

Corse, general, fine


Needle Felting needles are used to jab wool or alpaca fiber to felt it. Jabbing to wool/alpaca creates shape. Keep jabbing you create a wool/alpaca sculpture.

Felting needles come in different sizes. The different sizes have different purpose. In this pack you get 3 needles one corse, one general and one fine.

The Blue #32 Triangular needle is very corse. It helps you achieve a firm, hard, result.

The Plain #38 triangular needle is your general sculpting needle. If you could only have one needle the #38 triangular needle would do the job.

The Yellow #42 triangular needle is the needle to use if you are ready to finish your sculpture, or making fine details.

Caution!   Needle felting needles are very sharp. Keep the needles away from pets and small children. Keep the needles jabbed into your needle felting surface and not laying flat. Pay close attention while working to keep your fingers safe, keep them out of the way of the needle. Do not tug on felting needle while working on the wool or alpaca, a sideways pressure can break the needle.


Additional information

Dimensions 5 × 5 × 1 in
Kit options

Full kit $15, Fiber Bag $6.50


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